Higher Education

The Appalachian Sky region includes and has easy access to numerous education opportunities, including universities, community colleges, and technical schools which offer Aerospace Industry professional and STEM degrees.


  • Marshall University
    • Comprehensive university
    • Offers engineering, medical and other undergraduate and graduate level professional and STEM related degrees
  • Morehead State University
    • Comprehensive university
    • Home of Morehead Science Center
      • Specializes in satellite research, development and deployment
  • Shawnee State University
    • Offers 80 undergraduate and associate degree programs
    • Offers three masters programs
    • Offeres many curriculums that are relevant to aerospace such as Mathematics, Drafting and Design, and specialized Computer Programming and App Development Courses

Community Colleges

  • Ashland Community and Technical College
    • Offers comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing technical training
    • Has a cooperative agreement with Eastern Kentucky University to offer a Bachelor’s Degree of Aviation
  • Robert C. Byrd Institute
    • Includes an apprenticeship program
    • Advanced manufacturing equipment and training
    • Successful accelerator program

Technology Centers

  • Bridge Valley Advanced Technology Center
    • One of three Advanced Manufacturing Centers of Excellence in West Virginia
    • Maintains advanced manufacturing and IT equipment
  • Scioto County Technical Center
    • Offers comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing skills training
    • Has an excellent working relationship with Great Oaks FAA certified aviation maintenance campus in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Appalachian Sky region includes and has easy access to numerous education opportunities

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